Uber partners up with Bengal Harley-Davidson to give free test rides in Kolkata on August 8

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Uber Bengal Harley Davidson Kolkata

Come tomorrow, and Kolkatans will get a chance to ride a Harley-Davidson for free. Uber has partnered with Bengal Harley-Davidson, Kolkata, sole retailer of the American brand in West Bengal to give out free test rides. Well, usually most test rides are free, but this one will have a Harley-Davidson come to your doorstep.

In this “Harleys on-demand” venture, one can get along their pillion of choice too. The request for a test ride can be made through the Uber app anytime between 12 PM to 2:00 PM tomorrow (Saturday, August 8, 2015) and hitting the “HARLEY” option. Once the request gets through, the motorcycle will arrive at the desired location.

Since the motorcycles are limited, Uber insists requesting a few times. Also, there’ll be a maximum of 1 test ride per request, the duration of which will be capped at 10 mins – 15 mins. Of course, you need a valid driver’s license with the endorsement of Motorcycle with Gear, sign a waiver form and wear requisite gear. If you’re under the influence of alcohol, just forget about it.

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