Two new Pulsars in a couple of months time

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2013 Bajaj Pulsar

Managing Director of Bajaj Auto Mr. Rajiv Bajaj disclosed that two new super sports motorcycle under the Pulsar brand would be launched in a couple of months to boost sales. Though he did not reveal many details on the motorcycle, but stated that both these bikes would come in fully faired variants for better aerodynamics and would be the fastest bikes in their segments. Speaking to shareholders during the company’s annual general meeting, he said “Pulsar is number one sports bike in its category in India and we will launch two super sports bikes under this brand by the middle of this financial year.”


Though we’re sure of the Pulsar 375 coming in the pipeline, the other Pulsar is something that has left us wondering. And though Mr. Bajaj didn’t speak in detail on the upcoming motorcycles, the good news is that we can expect the Pulsar 375 in a couple of month’s time.

Also he spoke about the company’s focus on commuter motorcycles and the Discover to help improve sales figures. Adding further he said “Discover is the second largest selling commuter bike in India. And we will have a single minded focus on this segment and we have been working on two new platforms over the last two years. We plan to launch a range of six new Discover bikes this month and over the next six months. The Discover will be the star of FY2014.”

With a planned investment figure of Rs.400 crore for the financial year, Bajaj would be investing in expanding the manufacturing capacity of it’s Waluj Plant in Aurangabad for the RE60 quadricycle. The rest 100 crore would be spent on Research and Development.

Sources: MyDigitalFc and ACI

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  • @Sudhi: Most probably, but our guess goes towards a new P180 in the making. If we have to go by Mr. Bajaj’s words of the bike being the fastest in its segment- we can assume that since the 200 is already there, it would be the new 180 that would lock horns with the RTR 180. The bigger one is an easy guess as you’ve pointed out 🙂

    @Ram: We don’t think so. Rather it would be good handling everyday bike.

  • Super sport bike? dose it means it is a proper track bike?

  • sudhi says:


    i feel one of them is P375 and the other one can be a faired P200NS (with ABS). Bajaj can place it between the current 200NS and D200. and P375 can be placed between D200 and D390 making is a VFM and a ultimate Japanese killer…