Triumph Motorcycles India Launch: Live images and prices from the event

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Q & A session with the media begins now

We are sure the Harley-Davidson camp is heaving a sigh of relief right now

The prices are not what we expected. And whether these prices are going to work here? We doubt

Bookings start from second week of December for all bikes

2 year unlimited kilometers warranty

In phase 2 five more dealerships will open in Calcutta, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Cochi and Pune

In phase 1 Triumph will open 4 dealerships – Bangalore and Hyderabad first and Mumbai and Delhi later

The Triumph Daytona is priced at a much higher than anticipated 11.4 lah ex-showroom.

They are taking time before revealing the price of this final model

Daytone 675 takes the stage now

Untitled - 22

Untitled - 21

Getting on with the Supersports category now

The Triumph Tiger 800XC is priced at Rs 12 lakh

The Triumph Tiger Explorer with 1215cc is priced at Rs 17.9 lakh

The Triumph Tiger adventure bike is next

Untitled - 20

Untitled - 19

And there its, the big, bad Rocket III for the ex-showroom price of Rs 20 lakh

Untitled - 18

And is followed by the Legendary Rocket III

Thunderbird Storm arrives priced at Rs 13.0 lakh ex-showroom on the stage now

Untitled - 16

Untitled - 15

The Cruisers are next, do we see the Triumph Rocket III Coming? There is a cruiser category video playing right now

Untitled - 15

Next is the Speed Triple and the prices are… Rs 10.4 lakh ex-showroom Delhi

135 bhp with 1050 cc

Untitled - 14

675cc 106 PS – the Street Triple Price for India is 7.5 lakh ex-Delhi

And here it comes to the stage – the Triumph Street triple

Untitled - 13

Next on the stage should be Street Triple

Another video now, showing the roadsters

Triumph Thruxton priced at Rs 6.7 lakh ex-showroom Delhi

Triumph Thruxton takes the center stage now  – the real Cafe Racer

Untitled - 12

Triumph Bonneville launched for Rs 5.7 lakh ex-showroom. Media is not happy. Nor are we

Triumph Bonneville now takes the stage with the chant of ‘We Will Rock You’

Untitled - 11

Untitled - 9

Untitled - 10

Another video showing the Classic Triumph motorcycles – the Bonneville is coming to us for sure

The growth for permium motorcycles motorcycle in India has been phenomenal in the past 4 years – more than 600%

Untitled - 8

And the same old talk about the prospects of India being the next auto powerhouse, lets get on with the prices!!!

Vimal Sumbley, Triumph India MD takes the stage – he will talk about the India plans for the brand

Untitled - 7

Vimal Sumbley

Another video playing now describing the ‘For the Ride’ tagline for the brand

Untitled - 5

Untitled - 6

Triumph has also developed a new logo and a new tagline ‘Ford the Ride’ to stay in tune with times

Untitled - 4

Triumph confirms the development of the 250cc motorcycle, focused on emerging markets like India

The company is looking at expansion across the world, India an important part of the plan.

looking forward to India for healthy sales

Last year Triumph launched in Brazil, and have sold 1800 bikes in just 11 months. The company expects great success in India too.

In the UK, Triumph is the biggest big bike maker with a share of more than 20%, nearest competitor is at 14%

Triumph’s largest sales come from North America where they sell 12,000 units per year. This is followed by England and Germany.

Triumph is on track to achieve its highest sales ever in its entire history as the year draws to an end.

Some of the materials are taken from the technologies used for NASA

Triumph will bring its riding gear, accessories, and apparel made from the highest quality materials.

‘No bike journalistic career is complete without having ridden the Rocket III’ they say. Apparently they’ll soon offer the machine to the media. We so love them!

Triumph asserts that the Rocket III can out accelerate most superbikes. Hmm…

Even after nine years in production, the Triumph Rocket III is still the biggest production motorcycle in the world.

The media personnel are being taken through a description of all Triumph models and families

Today Triumph has as many as 27 models spread across six categories to cater to all the tastes and requirements.

On the manufacturing front the company now has 7 hi-tech plants across the world, including the one in Manesar, India

Today Triumph has 11 wholly owned subsidiaries across the world

Resurrection of Triumph began in 1990 after a slump in 1970. In the next 23 years Triumph became highly successful

Evil Knievel’s bike of choice in his formative years to perform his stunts

The Bonneville was launched to celebrate Triumph’s success at the Bonneville Salt Flats

Between 1955 to 1970 Triumph was the world’s fastest motorcycle.

In 1955, in a 650cc Thunderbird, Johny Allen achieved a record breaking 214 mph on Bonneville Salt Flats

Model R launched Triumph into performance motorcycles

Following the war, Triumph’s popularity grew.

During the First World War, Triumph was the motorcycle of choice for the British.

A little history of the bike being elaborated by the company officials. Initially a bicycles company, Triumph later graduated to Motorcycles

Untitled - 3

10 products to be launched.

Untitled - 2

The launch event in underway now, Triumph now playing a video about its history and heritage

triumph india launch

Triumph India is launching officially in India today, and as always, we are reporting LIVE from the event. In our previous post we brought to you the news of the official site of the  bike maker going live, along with the range of products which it may bring to India.

After having delayed their entry to the India market by about 2 years, today is the big day when the likes of the Daytona, Street Triple, Speed triple and the might Rocket II may descend down on the Indian tar. With two dealerships already announced in Mumbai and Bangalore, Triumph is headed for a cautious start. We expect more dealerships to open very soon.

The company has set up its assembly plant in Manesar, India, and most of the bikes on sale will be assembled there. There is no word on the prices yet, but we expect the a reasonable 6-7 lakh rupees for the Daytona, which may be the hot favorite among us Indians.

Triumph Daytona India

The models listed on the new Triumph website include the Tiger 800XC and Tiger Explorer in the adventure category and Bonneville, Bonneville T100 and Thruxton in the Classic segment. Then you have the massive Rocket III Roadster and Thunderbird Storm populating the Cruiser genre.

However, the meat of the market for India is in the Roadster and Supersports categories where the more affordable, more likeable and more suitable bikes for this market reside. The Speed Triple and Street Triple populate the Roadster segment, while the highly anticipated Daytona 675 ABS and Daytona 675R are decorating the Supersports section.

Stay tuned for live updates from the launch

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