Training Institutes for Safer Driving in Every State Soon

The surface ministry has proposed driving institutes in every state and driving centres in each district, to enhance driving skills and reduce accidents.

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Some wheels have finally managed to gain traction. In a positive move, the ministry of road transport and highways has proposed setting up of institutes, which will train drivers for prevention of road accidents and fatalities. Studies in the past to ascertain the causes of road accidents have revealed that most accidents occurred due to human error and the ministry in a right move wants to treat the cause, along with the illness.


Besides the training institutes, the ministry has also proposed regional driving centres in districts. According to officials, earlier this month, the ministry forwarded the proposal to all transport commissioners and transport secretaries in the state. The government has proposed to make amendments in the Motor Vehicles Act, so that institutes for driving training are issued new licences and older ones are audited appropriately. The proposal states that the central and state governments will make changes in the Motor Vehicles Act for compulsory training in the institutes for licences which need renewal, as well as fresh applications.

In order to make the institutes commercially viable, the ministry has set a target that every year 20,000 drivers should get refresher training, and about 2,000 drivers who have a learner’s licences are trained at the institute, also, the ministry last month proposed setting up of vehicle inspection and certification centres in each state.

Source: ET

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