Dubai Roadster: An all-new 400bhp V8 Road Racer


Dubai Roadster

This pretty roadster is the work of notable French industrial designer Anthony Colard. It’s called the  AC 5-28 Mont Ventoux design study, which according to Colard- a former employee of GM’s European Design Center, stands for “Anthony Colard, 500hp, 2800cc and the Mont Ventoux being one of the oldest and most famous hill climb races in France”.


It was originally conceived as the “Local Motors Extreme” -a Ducati Desmosedici V8 powered(!) lithe, agile roadster and winner of the Local Motors  Car Design competition back in 2009.

dubai roadster 4

Now, it has caught the attention of keen automotive entrepreneurs, and Rashid Al Shaali – the two-time UAE Time Attack champion, is reportedly considering building a limited run of just 25 units of this spectacular roadster. Quite unimaginatively called the Dubai Roadster, the hypothetical Ducati V8 is going to be replaced by a GM sourced LS V8, kicking about 400 horsepower. The construction should be mostly in carbon fiber or titanium, making the lightweight roadster sprint to 60mph in a paltry 3.5 seconds.


Apparently, the car has caught the fancy of well heeled aficionados and orders have started coming in-even though a single, working prototype doesn’t exist, apart from digital renderings and 3D models. The finished product is scheduled to debut at the Dubai Motor Show in 2015, at which point Al Shaali reportedly aims to have 25 vehicles ready for sale at around 400,000 Emirati dirham each, equivalent to nearly $110,000 at today’s exchange rates!

Source: Autoblog

For more on the Dubai Roadster and the AC 5-28 Mont Ventoux design study, head to the gallery below.

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AC -5-28-12[2]
AC -5-28-02[3]


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