Traffic Wardens In Pune Banned From Collecting Fine

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You break a traffic rule and traffic Police catching, you end up paying a fine. This is a normal routine we see and follow. Recently there is a new trend which is started especially in Mumbai and Pune where Traffic Wardens, who are appointed to regulate the traffic flow, are acting as the law keepers. There have been such cases on a regular basis, where the Traffic Wardens are checking papers and collecting fines. To put an end to this malpractice the Deputy Commissioner of Traffic Police Manoj Patil on Tuesday sent orders to his subordinate officers to ban traffic wardens from imposing traffic rules which comes under the traffic police.

Mr Manoj Patil also made a formal announcement in the press that hereafter traffic wardens would not be allowed to question for documents and collect fines from people, if any warden is found doing such an act action will be taken against the warden. Mr Patil has asked traffic police officers to keep an eye on the wardens and utilise them effectively during peak traffic hours.

This decision was taken as many citizens were found complaining against the conduct of the traffic wardens even when the traffic police on duty did not bother to take any action against such wardens. Finally by this decision people of Pune will not have to fall prey to such errant traffic wardens.

Such rules should be imposed in every city, Tell us has any traffic warden ever asked you for your car documents?


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