Top 5 Features the Hyundai Venue Compact SUV Misses out On

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Hyundai, over the years, has made a reputation of offering the most feature-rich cars available in the market. Their latest vehicle, the Venue compact SUV is no different. The Venue comes loaded with features like the BlueLink system, making it India’s first connected car, cruise control, electric sunroof, wireless charging, air purifier and much more. However, in this segment, the competition too is well packed. We see the Hyundai Venue miss out on quite a few features which can be found in other cars of this category, here are some of them.

Hyundai Venue Front

Front Parking Sensors

SUVs offer a high seating position, which often makes it difficult to see an obstacle right in front of the car. Front parking sensors present themselves as a boon, to help you make sure that your bumper will remain untouched while navigating through tight spaces.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Knowing exactly how much air you have in your tyres is very important. A TPMS system not only gives you real-time Tyre pressure but also informs you about a leak or puncture, warning you ahead of time before you get a surprise tyre burst.

Auto Dimming Mirrors

Driving in the night time can be quite tedious. Especially when other irresponsible motorists use the high beams in the confinement of the city. An auto-dimming mirror uses a light-sensitive coating to dim the mirror and keep your eyes safe from the stress of high beams.

Hyundai Venue cabin

Knee Airbag

Accidents happen without any announcement. No matter how carefully you drive, you could find yourself in an unwanted situation because of someone else. While the Venue has 6 airbags keeping you safe in case of a mishap, an additional 7th airbag would have been a welcomed feature.

Auto Headlights and Wipers

Everybody loves the convenience of having your wipers and headlights switch on exactly at the time they are required. It is interesting to note that many cars, even in lower segments offer this feature which the Venue misses out on.

Hyundai Venue Rear

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Despite these small misses, expect the Venue to be a great offering in this segment. Stay tuned for a detailed review of this Hyundai coming your way very soon. Do feel free to comment, on our social media pages, about more features you think this compact SUV misses out on.

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