Tokyo Motor Show : Yamaha Resonator 125 is unadulterated retro music in metal


Yamaha Resonator 125 (3)

Just one look and you know there’s something special about this concept. The fact the Yamaha Resonator 125 holds its own against the other bigger, more futuristic concepts at the Yamaha exhibit despite not boasting any modern tech says something. The Resonator is essentially a fusion of retro styling and craftsmanship with details specific to musical instruments. Those familiar with the fact that Yamaha is also a maker of some of the finest musical instruments would instantly be able to make out the relation.

Yamaha Resonator 125 (6)

The Resonator was conceived as a blend of the new and the old. The chassis of the motorcycle stays true to Yamaha’s commitment to offer reassuring road-holding and great dynamic ability, but the body is more a piece of art. The lightweight chassis gets veneered with elements which are up there in terms of craftsmanship, attention to detail and desirability. Adding a touch of modernity to the motorcycle’s retro appeal is the futuristic instrument cluster which comprises a cutting edge hi-definition screen.

Yamaha Resonator 125 (9)

The Resonator 125 features authentic wood panels on the fuel tank and seat cowl with genuine wood grain material used in guitars and engravings on the muffler, fuel tank cap and more done with same intricate techniques used for brass wind instruments.

The Resonator, according to Yamaha aims at bringing the joys of motorcycling to those who have just started out with two-wheels, while also pleasing the veterans who have a retro taste.

Yamaha Resonator 125 (10)

The bike is powered by a vanilla single cylinder four stroke 125cc engine, so there are no juicy bits there. But does one really anything more with a bike which looks as gorgeous?

The Resonator is one of the coolest 125cc concepts ever made, for us at least. What about you?

Yamaha Resonator 125 (10)
Yamaha Resonator 125 (9)
Yamaha Resonator 125 (8)
Yamaha Resonator 125 (7)
Yamaha Resonator 125 (6)
Yamaha Resonator 125 (5)
Yamaha Resonator 125 (4)
Yamaha Resonator 125 (3)
Yamaha Resonator 125 (2)
Yamaha Resonator 125 concept

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  • Arul says:

    Its the most beautiful thing I saw today!

  • Vishnu Kumar says:

    The instrument panel looks gorgeous, and the design on the whole is good, but it would have been cooler with a higher cc engine, and fatter tires. This is a bit too skinny, in my opinion.