Tokyo Motor Show 2015: Kawasaki reveals the H2’s descendant, meet the Concept SC 01


To begin with some good news, Kawasaki will continue limited production of the H2 and H2R in 2016. The diabolical motorcycle will receive some fresh updates in the form of a new color and finish option, an ECU update and a slip assist clutch. Paving the way for radicalization in the world of two wheels, Kawasaki also released a sketch of a concept which provides a glimpse at their future line-up.

Kawasaki SC 01 Spirit Charger Concept (2)

                                                 Kawasaki Spirit Charger Concept

Called the ‘Spirit Charger’, or the SC 01, Kawasaki says that this semi faired study has been toned down in comparison to the bonkers H2. It carries less aggressive lines and makes use of softer and more luxurious materials which will aid everyday riding and comfort. With a plan to introduce forced induction into mainstream motorcycles, Kawasaki plans to develop a balanced supercharged engine that improves on fuel economy, courtesy of electronically controlled flaps at the supercharger’s entrance. It will regulate the volume and direction of intake air to enhanced efficiency.

Kawasaki SC 01 Spirit Charger Concept (1)

Adopting Kawasaki’s new “Rideology Strategy”, their future products will continue to be fun and rewarding to ride, possess grace, power and rely on the group’s skills to harness cutting edge technology that will enrich the lives of motorcyclists worldwide. If this is the future, we can’t wait!

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