This Yamaha 01GEN is your futuristic all-terrain, super-trike

For the 2014 Intermot motorcycle show, Yamaha imagined up a futuristic, dual-sport super-trike called the Yamaha 01GEn

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For the 2014 Intermot motorcycle show, Yamaha imagined up a future dual-sport model with three wheels in tow capable of going just about anywhere. They call it the Yamaha 01GEN, a futuristic super-trike if you may.

Yamaha 01GEN (2)

The styling of the 01GEN has been referred to as “Refined Dynamism” by Yamaha. It’s got a bit of contrasting character to it- while the upper half reflects it’s sporty intents, with all the go-faster, aggressive elements and the swooping profile, the lower half gets more utilitarian, with a beefed up ride height to suggest the trike’s off-road abilities.

Yamaha 01GEN (1)

The front suspension uses individual forks for each wheel, but other mechanical details of the drive-train are yet to be specified. The point is to offer riders with the stability to cross rough terrain and still be usable on the road. According to other sources, the trike may use a belt-driven rear wheel.

Yamaha 01GEN (3)

The trike may not be making it to production anytime soon, but it’s certainly a cool idea to mull about and also looks the part with blue highlights all over it. Check out the introductory video below:

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