Ferrari F60 America revealed: limited to just 10 units

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The super-exclusive Ferrari F60 America has been revealed by the Italian super-car manufacturer. This F12 Berlinetta based soft-top is a nod to Ferrari’s 60 year-old stay in North America and production will be limited to just 10 units!

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The Ferrari F60 America is a F12 with thoroughly resculpted all-aluminum bodywork. The lines do paint a pretty picture with a couple of extra bonnet intakes, more pronounced winglets and deeper fender intakes while being unmistakably Ferrari all around. The F12’s fixed roof goes for a toss and is replaced by a lightweight fabric roof useable at speeds of up to 75mph. There’s also a pair of leather-clad roll hoops which are backed by carbon fibre ‘buttresses’ that stretch out over the rear deck, helping to smoothen the airflow around the F60’s sexy back.

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The F60 retains the F12’s V12 powerplant – which can sing all the way up to 8700rpm – and much of the running gear as well, sending the same 730bhp and 509lb ft of torque to the rear wheels through Ferrari’s rapid-shifting seven-speed dual-clutch transaxle with E-Diff. All of this will get the F60 from 0-62mph in 3.1 seconds, exactly the same as the F12. And though Ferrari hasn’t released a figure for top speed, it’ll effortlessly do north of 200mph.

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Inside, inspiration comes from the driver-focused cabins of Ferrari’s historic racing cars. The cabin is part trimmed in bright red, and part in black. While the drivers’ side resembles a bloodbath, the passenger is faced with relatively sober black leather and red stitching. All 10 units of the F60 have been spoken for and although Ferrari will never reveal the prices, it’s expected to hold a significant premium above the F12’s $2.3 million price tag on which it’s based.


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