This Royal Enfield GT 650 Mod Is Precisely Why ‘Dope’ Exists In An English Dictionary

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It really takes an amazing build to stand out in the sea of customized Royal Enfields nowadays. They are spread everywhere with a wide variety of mods and performance upgrades. But what makes this particular mod christened RE GT 650 RS Custom stand apart is the fact that it looks smashingly beautiful and is something which you can look at all day and night and all over the next day. The donor motorcycle is a Royal Enfield Continental GT 650, which in itself, is a very impressive motorcycle.

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Royal Enfield also officially invites folks to showcase their custom motorcycles and recently, Royal Enfield commissioned a custom Continental GT 650 rechristened ‘Continental GT 650 RS.’ This insane custom motorcycle has been made by Crazy Garage which is based in South Korea and reports suggest that this custom beauty has been personally built by Mr Kim Chi-Hyun, the founder of Crazy Garage himself. 

Custom RE Continental GT 650 RS 1

Mr Kim is known for his race-specific mods and has also carved quite a name for himself in that part of the world. Mr Kim’s super insane mods caught the attention of Royal Enfield’s official custom program team and they reportedly asked Mr Kim to build this motorcycle and Mr Kim didn’t disappoint.

Custom RE Continental GT 650 RS 2

Very little to none of the stock bits and hardware have made it to this beautiful custom motorcycle. Handlebars, seats, graphics, fuel tank, frame etc, instrument cluster, headlights, forks, mono-shock. you name it and it is an altogether new unit. Particularly, the exhaust. The dual-exhaust pipes are both routed on the same side and the placement of the upper pipe looks exquisitely dope, not what your pillion would prefer but it looks dope anyway. Royal Enfield had asked Mr Kim to build the motorcycle with unique styling that still retains the core DNA of a Continental GT 650 and at the end, looks a beast ready to race any time and it seems that he has done just that.

Custom RE Continental GT 650 RS 3

The engine is custom-made as well. It is still a 648cc, parallel-twin, oil-cooled engine but now features new camshafts, high compression pistons, heavy-duty clutch, Dynojet power commander, a repositioned oil-cooler etc. The official peak output figures haven’t been revealed but they would sure be higher than 47BHP and 52Nm obtained from a stock Continental GT 650.

Custom RE Continental GT 650 RS 4

Isn’t this a mod to go crazy for?

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