This Modified Honda City Looks Straight Out of Need For Speed!

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The Honda City is one of the most popular sedans in our country. Ever since Honda introduced the City in our market, it has been a popular choice and that hasn’t changed even in its current avatar. Staying relevant and competitive for this long is certainly laudable. The City has always been a very likeable car and has appealed to every kind of driver there is. While the current City has become more sophisticated than ever, the older generations of the City are still found on the streets running in pristine condition.

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The City is not just a family car but it has also been a hot favourite among custom car builders. The modified Honda City featured here belongs to the third-generation of the popular sedan.

Honda City Modified (1)

Some people still consider the third-generation City to be the best when it comes to looks. The modified Honda City that we are talking about today features a custom red shade which accentuates its sporty looks even further. The bonnet is adorned by air intakes on either end. We aren’t sure if they do actually perform their intended duty or are just faux units. There’s one thing for sure though, the air intakes do provide some visual drama. The whole modification is tastefully done and manages to stay behind the line where it could have easily crossed to become a ‘riced’ car. The front end also has some more cosmetic drama in the form of custom headlamp units which appear to be LEDs with coloured streaks. The stock grille has also made way for an aftermarket one.

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List of mods

Apart from the sporty red shade, one of the most prominent modification is visible in the form of wide body kit. The front and rear bumper accompanied with wide wheel arches make this City a lot more muscular as compared to the sophisticated stock car. It looks like it threw its corporate clothing and got dressed up in funky new clothes to go bar hopping in the night. It does have the right amount of swagger for it! Things don’t get boring at the rear end too. As we mentioned earlier, the wide body kit also includes the rear bumper which also houses the quad exhaust setup. And how can one ignore the huge spoiler which rests proudly at the rear? It screams in your face and convinces you to take a good look at it. The spoiler is painted in black which actually smashingly contrasting to the red shade of the car.

Honda City Modified (3)

The interiors aren’t spared either and feature bucket seats found on race and rally cars. There are some mechanical changes too. The owner’s profile included some videos which also reveal its exhaust note. The exhaust is loud enough to wake your neighbours up in the morning when you return home after driving this bad boy all night. The Honda City featured here belongs to the third-generation of the car. It had a 1.5-litre engine with an advanced i-VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control), good enough to churn out 118 PS and 145 Nm of peak torque. It also had premium features like sunroof, CVT with paddle shifters, cruise control and others.

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Picture credits: @princejack9595 on Instagram

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