This Doctor Has Been Living in His Car For Over A Week After Treating Coronavirus Patients

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Tales of warriors fighting the battle against coronavirus have been surfacing on the internet lately. Almost everyone is contributing to the cause in their own capacity. Be it individuals or big organizations, everyone has come together in this battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. However, healthcare workers are the ones staring directly into the eye of the storm. The latest story of an individual which has surfaced online is that of a doctor who has started living in his car to protect his family and everyone else from this contagious virus.

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Bhopa Doctor

The man in focus here is Dr. Sachin Nayak who is currently on duty at JP Hospital in Bhopal. He has been working among the  the coronavirus-infected people in the hospital. After working through the day, assisting patients in fighting off this pandemic, he goes off to sleep in his car rather than choosing the comfort of his own home. The reason he gave was that he wants to protect his family and everyone else from getting this disease. He has transformed his car for a few days so that he can use it as a home after he gets done with his duty.

He has parked his car near the hospital and has stocked it up with his daily use items and books. When the sun crawls down, he gets in his car and likes reading books and talking to his family and friends over video call to pass the night. In his own words “When coronavirus cases started being reporting in Bhopal, I was not so afraid but over the last few days we have seen positive cases in large numbers so I have decided to stay in the car.” He has been living in his car for over a week now.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has also lauded him and took to twitter to express his gratitude. He wrote “I and the entire Madhya Pradesh greet warriors like you who are fighting the war against Corona. If we all continue with this resolve, then we will be able to win this great war more quickly. Sachin ji, salute your spirit.”

We all have, at some point in life, thought about living in a car purely for recreational purposes but pulling it off for such a noble reason? It is commendable to say the least and the Doctor deserves all the praise from all of us. More power to you Doc!

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