This 240 kmph Civic Can Surprise With its Power Packed Performance Under Those Plain Looks

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With futuristic styling and space-age interiors, the previous generation Civic was a masterpiece. It had a 1.8-litre motor that pumped about 130 HP, which was more than enough to make it the dream car of every young racer in the country. Back in the day, Civic was one of the widely sold premium sedans in the Indian market but, after a few years it lost its touch, and Honda didn’t seem interested in launching the newer version until now. Even though the newer version of the Civic might be an improved one, it’s not a match for the old one. So, this grey Civic from West Bengal is here to continue the legacy of the previous generation.

civic modification front low

This modified Honda Civic is capable of hitting the 240 km/h mark and can sprint from 0 – 100 kmph under 8 seconds! The modified Civic retains the same 1.8-litre motor but gets a completely remapped ECU, which now helps it produce around 150 HP at a higher rev range of 8000 rpm. To enhance this modification, the car is also equipped with an aftermarket Air Intake and a bigger throttle body. To match the upgraded engine’s performance the car gets a new HKS outer exhaust, along with a high flow catalytic converter. This exhaust will simultaneously improve the engine’s performance and enhance the meaty roar of the engine.

Civic exhaust modification

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The standard Civic alloy wheels are retained and they now get a wider set of Yokohama 205/55 R15 rubber tyres, to provide an immense amount of control at higher speeds and cornering. The stopping power is credited to the Brembo disc brakes and rotors, which can bring this car to a screeching halt. The exterior paint is grey, with a tinge of black on the side mirrors. Even though the overall exterior of the car is kept stock, it gets a racing stripe on the hood to give it a sleeper cell look. The interior details of this modification are not yet available, while the price is still a mystery. But, this is one of the most subtle, yet power-packed modification ever seen on a Honda Civic.

Civic modification rear
civic modification front
Civic front side

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