The Tata Blackbird And Its Many Avatars


There was a time when the world had to deal with counterfeit goods. These days, that problem still exists but we now also have to deal with the added headache of counterfeit information. Since there are so many easily accessible mediums, anybody can claim to be an expert and dispense rubbish as genuine information.

For being an upcoming vehicle from a brand which might not be the most selling but attracts the most affection, the Tata Blackbird has been a victim of these con artists who pick any random vehicle and pass it on as the real deal. The trouble is, many gullible souls who follow these self-proclaimed experts fall for the trick and absorb what’s not true. Here are five such examples where another manufacturer’s product is dressed up as the Tata Blackbird and is being peddled on the internet as the real deal:

Tata Blackbird Render

The most popular imagination is the one in the picture above. The vehicle that you’re looking at is a part of the Viziv series of hybrid concept sports SUVs designed and built by Subaru. This face is all over YouTube and if the comments on these videos are genuine, people are already waiting to book the vehicle.

Tata Blackbird Fake Two

The next in line is this sharp-looking SUV which looks the part in Red. Wearing a Tata logo instead of a bowtie, the Chevrolet Blazer, with its Tata-like illumination setup makes it as easy as it gets for these folks to replace the logo and pass it on as whatever they want.

Tata Blackbird

This gentleman probably made an online search for Harrier and after coming across the jump jet, Tata’s version and Toyota’s version, he decided to play mix and match with the latter two. His con work involves a decent amount of attention to detail if you notice the air dam and the front grille area.

Tata Blackbird Fake Four

The SUV you’re looking at in the picture above is a Chery Tiggo 8 SUV, claiming to be a Tata. In addition to this, since news broke about Tata Motors partnering with Chery, some have interchanged the latter’s entire Tiggo range to present it as Tata’s new SUV. By the way, talks between the two have been put on hold because of the ongoing situation at the LAC.

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Tata Blackbird Fake Three

We came across another example which has similar intentions as the ones above. But it looked too boring for us to try and find out its original identity. So we’d leave that to you if you’re done with the cleaning and the dishes and have nothing else left to do. Whatever you do though, don’t fall prey to such information.


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