The new look Mahindra Mojo 300

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New Mahindra Mojo

Powerdrift have posted a leaked image of the upcoming Mahindra Mojo on their Facebook page. Though we never were a big fan of the Mojo’s styling, the frontal look does make the Mojo look far better than what it used to. The styling cues are similar to the BMW’s lineup of dual purpose motorcycles with the dual fender upfront and asymmetrical headlights.

The brochure mentions about the other specifications such as a 4 valve DOHC 300cc engine, Ducati Energia EFi, gas charged monoshocks, dual exhaust and mirror mounted blinkers. Though the refreshed frontal appearance is a welcome  change, other visual proportions of the motorcycle needs to be seen and if Mahindra has worked throughout the bike. We wish if that has been done too. The Mojo as a motorcycle seems a fantastic offering on the spec chart and we feel that the odd-ball shape and styling of the bike might be the only stumbling block when it finally goes on sale.


We had posted a spyshot of the Mojo couple of months back hinting at a launch soon, but considering that the engine now is being developed in-house, Mahindra might be putting the new motorcycle to extensive tests. We can only wait and watch.

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