The new Dacia Duster Édition 2016 with AMT has been previewed before Frankfurt unveiling

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The Duster Édition 2016 will usher in the new Dacia Duster range, which gets additional equipment, revised engines, along with a new Automated Manual Transmission. The Duster Édition 2016 is available with new black diamond-effect 16-inch alloy wheels, while the existing Olive Grey body colour is being superseded by Altaï Green.

Inside, there will be two new trim options; Silicon black and Féderer grey on black, featuring grey topstitching. Entry-level models in the range will be offered with Silicon black upholstery, while higher-specification cars come with Féderer grey on black. Furthermore, the former cosmos grey trim has been replaced by platinum grey on inner door panels, door handles and centre console trim.

2016 Dacia Duster (10)
Previously available on limited-edition Anniversary versions, MEDIA-NAV Evolution multimedia navigation is now available on selected versions of the Duster Édition 2016, which includes navigation and smartphone connectivity, along with a large 18cm (7-inch) touch screen display. The MEDIA-NAV Evolution incorporates a home page that enables simple operation of six core functions: radio, multimedia, phone, maps, navigation (with 2D and Birdview display) and settings.

Besides the Duster Édition 2016, the new limited-edition Duster Urban Explorer will be available in certain European markets, complete with the Baroudeur and Look Packs. The Baroudeur Pack incorporates new side protective mouldings for the lower part of the bodywork and wheel arches, along with new diamond-effect black wheels. The Look Pack includes Dark Metal door mirror housings, front and rear skid plates, door sills and roof rails, extra-tinted rear glass, and a leather-trimmed steering wheel.  The limited-edition Urban Explorer is fitted as standard with the MEDIA-NAV Evolution navigation system.

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For 2016, all Dacia engines will benefit from Euro 6 emission norms, a Stop & Start feature with braking energy recovery (Energy Smart Management), while all diesel engines in the Dacia range are fitted with a Lean Nox Trap emission control system, which will also result in better fuel efficiency.

The new 2016 Duster range will be powered by reworked Sce 115 and TCe 125 petrol engines, along with reworked dCi 90 diesel and dCi 110 diesel engines; all honed to deliver better fuel economy and lessen emissions. Also on the offing will be a new AMT gearbox (Easy-R), which works with computer-controlled electromechanical actuators that perform a surrogate role for the driver, de-clutching, changing gear and then re-engaging the clutch. It has two modes: Drive and Manual, providing different regimes of gear-changing.

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  • Amol Salunke says:

    When is Renault Duster Diesel Automatic being Planned for launch… Please LAUNCH soon… We are waiting.. And are excited about this NEWS…Renault should launch Duster Diesel Automatic Immediately in October itself, ahead of Festive season, to cash on… There is immense interest in Automatic and Hyundai Creta has reported over 30% bookings of Automatic version and they have made changes in their production plans accordingly, infact they were much surprised by the automatic requirement, having expected only 10% of the total bookings.. It means of the 40000 bookings Hyundai Creta has received 10000 bookings are for Automatic itself, which is a significant number and completely new opportunity ….The waiting period for Creta Automatic has gone upto 8 months as per the dealer I spoke to in Mumbai……!!!!!!
    Renault needs to Launch Duster Diesel with EDC Automatic as soon as possible, as it is losing huge market to other SUVs. They have to win this race against time to get the Duster Facelift to market……