Thailand: 2016 Toyota Fortuner with custom bodykit looks swell

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2016 Toyota Fortuner Bodykit (1)

Barely launched a while back (17 July), mildly modified Toyota Fortuners are already popping up in Thailand. This particular, kitted up example is available at Thailand based bodykit installer Pasta Racing. Additional embellishments include new side, front and rear skirts built by Fiar Design, bigger wheels, while a set of new rear dampers also peek out. The whole kit apparently costs around 13,800 baht, which translates to around INR 25,000.

The fibreglass kits are manufactured in-house at Fiar Design’s facilities in Bangkok, and are finished in body color with light grey highlights. Coupled with the aftermarket, JDM-spec wheels and fatter rubber, the kit gives the new Fortuner a distinctively sporty stance. This car is also finished in Pearl White – 12,000 baht (almost INR 23,000) color option.

2016 Toyota Fortuner Bodykit (3)

To be based on Toyota’s updated Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle (IMV) platform, the new Fortuner features all-new styling, and is powered a choice of Toyota’s new “GD” series of turbo-diesel engines, along with a single petrol engine. Spawned across six variants, the new Fortuner will benefit from 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions, along with all-wheel drive. Know all about the new Fortuner HERE.

The 2016 Toyota Fortuner starts from 1,199,000 Baht (INR 22.2 lakh) and goes up all the way to 1,599,000 baht (INR 29.68 lakh)in Thailand. An Indian launch is expected next year. Till then, get a grip on how to beautify it further from the gallery below:

2016 Toyota Fortuner Bodykit (5)
2016 Toyota Fortuner Bodykit (4)
2016 Toyota Fortuner Bodykit (3)
2016 Toyota Fortuner Bodykit (2)
2016 Toyota Fortuner Bodykit (1)

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