Testing Dynamics India and IDIADA Technologies India organize 3 day Course on Advanced Driving Techniques!

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We usually associate the words “Driving School” to all those amateur drivers and those who don’t even know the simple ‘A, B and Cs’ of driving. But, how about a driving school for the professionals! Well, this is exactly what Testing Dynamics India along with IDIADA Technology India is offering on the 17th, 18th and 19th of February 2010.

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This course on advanced driving techniques will take place at the VRDE NCAT test track in Pune. Attendees will first receive theoretical knowledge on basic terminology or language used by professionals regarding the ride and its handling performance. Later on, the theory will be put to practical use on the test track. Taking advantage of the test track, various maneuvers will be taught to the attendees by means of numerous exercises.

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So, it’s time for all those professionals as well as amateurs to hurry up and enroll themselves for the unique program as there is a limitation of only 20 attendees. Enrollments will be on the first come – first serve basis. The three day training program will cost the attendees Rs 70,000 for the top class, professional training.

You can enroll yourselves in any one way out of the following:

1. Call on:

+91 9890188926 or +91 9766321366

2. Send an e-mail:

[email protected] or [email protected]

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