Tesla’s Updated Infotainment System Gets Hindi UI

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Tesla has transformed the way we look at cars in more than one way. Even the renowned Jeremy Clarkson couldn’t help himself falling in love with the Model X! One of the things or wizardry that sets Teslas apart from the rest of the vehicles on the road is their huge touchscreen infotainment systems. To some people, it may even look like a freaking television! It is high on information and has some cool features and games to keep you occupied while your beloved Tesla gets juiced up at a charging station.

Tesla Hindi UI (2)

Tesla UI in Hindi

And now, Tesla has made its touchscreen’s UI even more intuitive with the inclusion of the Hindi language. Pictures of the updated infotainment system being displayed in the Hindi language recently surfaced online. Along with Hindi, Tesla has also added Russian, Greek, Croatian, and Finnish. The new UI is expected to have been made available in all Tesla models.

Tesla Hindi UI (3)

Tesla in India

It is no secret that after such a long time, Tesla is finally setting its foot on Indian soil. It is being expected that the famed American electric carmaker will commence its Indian voyage with the Model 3, which serves as the most affordable offering in its lineup. It has been spied testing on frequent occasions on the Indian roads.

Tesla model 3 spied india

Tesla model 3 specs

Model 3 draws power from a Li-ion battery with dual motors which digitally distribute torque to both axles as required by the conditions. It is offered in 3 variants – Standard plus, Long Range AWD and performance with 0-97 kph taking 5.3s in Standard Plus and an outrageous 3.1s in the Performance.

Tesla model 3 front end

The range varies from 424 Km on the Standard Plus to 568 Km on Long-Range AWD while the Performance can go on for 507 km on a single charge. Tesla’s network of Superchargers across the world also helps charge up the juice in the battery, while a battery swap is also possible in the Tesla making it easier for the user. It remains to be seen which variant gets here.

Tesla Model 3 interiors (1)

The interiors are as lovely as the exteriors and are a vehicular embodiment of simplicity, minimalism and class. All you get is a Steering and a large touchscreen system which is frankly all you need in a Tesla. You can control absolutely everything via the 15’ touchscreen which is larger than the tyre size on a few cars. It gets 12-way adjustable seats, heated seats, wireless charging pads and some other gizmos. You also get auto park and auto lane change and Tesla’s very famous Autopilot mode which might be a bit irrational here because of our traffic, roads and drivers.

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