Tesla Model S AWD variant in the making

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Thanks to this video that we have here, we’ve got to know that the good chaps at Tesla surely aren’t the ones to rest on their laurels. While the Model S has already garnered a good response, they believe that a Tesla Model S AWD (all-wheel drive) variant could improve their market share. It may be noted that there are many parts of the US, where winters are a tad harsh and often result into tough road conditions. Ditto for some parts of Northern Europe, where the car has fared pretty well. 

The video that you see here shows a Tesla Model S AWD test mule that was recently caught on a highway in Nebraska. As is visible in the video, the test mule boasts of outboard sensors on all four of its wheels. While this could be an indication of various things, the most obvious of these is that the car that we can see in this video is indeed the four-wheel drive variant. The test mule that been spotted also sports a roof rack that seems to be carrying some test equipment. Worth mentioning is that both the Model S sedan and upcoming Model X crossover are underpinned by a common platform and hence, it would not be all that hard a job to bestow the front axle of the Model S with an electric motor. Also, this could lead to arrival of an even faster variant of the all-electric sedan. Not just would this model have more power on offer, but would also have more grip from all-wheel drive system.

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