Exhaust Battle – Mercedes Benz E63 AMG vs BMW M5


Everyone of us have our own set of requirements from a car. While many care the most about stuff like fuel consumption and after sales costs, there are others who are on a look out for maximum space and longest features list. Those in the market for a high end car would, more often than not, also look at the spec sheet and performance figures. However, some of us, especially the prospective performance car buyers, are also interested in the car’s exhaust note.

What we have here with us today is a video that can prove to be quite helpful for those having to decide between the BMW M5 and the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, purely on the basis of their exhaust sound. In this video here, you can clearly hear both the highly acclaimed performance sedans revving to glory and in the process, blessing our ears with music like none other. Play the video and pick your favorite. However, do remember that the BMW M5 here in this video is kitted out with an optional Akrapovic exhaust system.

Video – Mercedes Benz E63 AMG vs BMW M5 (Exhaust Sound)

So, what’s your pick? The mighty BMW M5, kitted out with the optional Akrapovic exhaust system, or the highly involving Mercedes Benz E63 AMG? Which one of these two German performance sedans sound more exciting to you? Do let us know about your thoughts by penning them down in the comments section below. As for our choice, well, we are still trying to figure out!

Source: Motorsport Magazine



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