Next Mercedes S Class model to be more efficient

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The Mercedes S Class has always been regarded as the most technically advanced and feature laden car of its times. Not just that, it is also known for paving way for these highly modern technologies to trickle down into smaller vehicles. If the latest generation of the flagship Mercedes sedan is anything to go by, it is quite for sure that the S Class will continue to carry enough gadgetry to probably put a small spaceship to shame! Also, it has emerged that the next Mercedes S Class will not just be more refined but will also boast of better efficiency than the current model. This latest revelation of sorts is courtesy a new report that recently surfaced on the cyber space. What’s interesting is the fact that while it has hardly been sometime since the advent of the latest gen W222 S Class, the boffins at Mercedes have already started visualizing what the next gen model would be like.

While the next Mercedes S Class is in the very nascent stages of development, Project Chief Engineer, Hermann-Joseph Strop has been quoted as stating that “It may be that the next S-Class has more aluminium, or aluminium combined with plastics [CFRP], for example.

He has said that it’s still a “discussion we have with weight; the other is stiffness for the body, and reducing noise. [The] reduction of weight, CO2 reduction, the combination of [a] combustion engine with plug-in electrical power, new batteries… and drag coefficient – to reduce it as far as we can – will again help [the new S-Class].

So basically, the next gen S Class will follow BMW 7er’s trend of employing carbon-fiber-based alternative materials.

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