Tesla Introduces Dog Mode for Our Furry Friends


Who wouldn’t love taking their pet along for a drive? Even a small trip to your local grocery store would become more enjoyable and your furry friend too, would love hanging its head out of the window, soaking in some fresh air. Unfortunately, not all places are pet-friendly, enforcing owners to leave their pets somewhere else, while they finish their work and come back to them. The safest place to do so, would seem to be your car. However, the dog owners amongst you would know how hazardous it is to leave your dog in a car, with the windows rolled up. Especially on a sunny day, when the glass windows surrounding the car act as a greenhouse trapping more and more heat inside.

Tesla Dog Mode two dogs

Tesla has found a neat solution for this problem, their cars now come with a unique Dog Mode. This Dog Mode ensures that your pet would stay comfortable inside the car with the heating or air conditioning switched on. That is one problem solved, another problem that could potentially arise is also taken care of by the huge screen, a feature all Tesla models are known for. Once in Dog Mode, the screen displays “My owner will be back soon, don’t worry the A/C is on and it’s 70° F.” This would prevent concerned people passing by from breaking off your window, to let some fresh air in and your pet out.

Tesla Dog Mode screen messege

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Tesla is a company that is well known for providing customers which such quirky features. It is a car manufacturer, that seems to listen to its customers at all times. Selling the best electric cars in the world, these cars are even capable of driving by themselves. These cars can also be updated over the internet, which means that even existing owners can get this new ‘Dog Mode’ feature in their cars by merely connecting them with a Wi-Fi network at their homes or their offices. In their current line up, the company has an SUV, the Model X, a premium sedan, the Model S and an entry-level sedan, the Model III. Below is a video showcasing this unique Dog Mode feature, please do have a look.