Team Hero Motosport Wrings It Hard For Stage 2 Of The 2019 Dakar Rally

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After completing stage 1 safe and sound, the team moved on to stage 2 and conquered it safely. Despite setbacks, Hero Motosport is happy to report a 100% arrival of the team across the finish line. Considered the first full stage of the rally, the rally kicked off from Pisco. From there, the participants rode a grueling distance of 552 km, including a 342 km long special. With the team safe, they can now prepare themselves for stage 3. For stage three, the rally goes towards Arequipa, where a total length of 799 km will be covered including a 331 km long special section, filled with more dunes and difficulties.

Hero MotoSports Team Rally rider, CS Santosh (1)

Finishing the stage in the 34th place and in position 32 overall, C.S Santosh (Comp No: 50) commented, “Day 2 started really well for me and I had a good rhythm going for the first 80-90 km. Then on, I started sensing some trouble with my clutch, and decided to ease off to make it to the finish line safely. Had a good stage and now we fix the glitch and go racing again in the next stage.”

Hero MotoSports Team Oriol Mena

Securing the 16th position in stage 2 and ranked 17 overall, Oriol Mena (Comp No: 7), commented, “It was a really good stage for me. Day 2 had a mix of hard piste, dunes and some seaside as well, so it was interesting to ride. It was a crazy fast stage but I felt good today and the bike performed perfectly. So, another day in the bag and that’s what matters for me.”

Hero MotoSports Dakar Rally stage Rodrigues

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Coming in 33rd overall and 37th overall, Joaquim Rodrigues (Comp No: 27) says, “I started the stage well but soon I developed a fuel issue. I had to stop to fix that and somehow make it to the refuelling point. I lost a lot of time in the process. After making it to the refueling point, I pushed hard, got into a good rhythm and made up some time as well. Overall, I am happy to finish the stage and look forward to Day 3.”

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