Tata Motors working on refreshing the Nano to bring some zing in its sales

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Tata top boss, Mr Ratan Tata has gone on the record to say that the Nano is undergoing a refresh. The People’s car, which couldn’t quite meet its destiny as envisioned by Mr. Tata is being reworked to resolve the ‘issues’ which have been bogging it down.

Mr Tata admitted that the company was not able to market the car as they should have, and some ‘momentum got lost’ in the process. The plant issue in West Bengal was one of the major reasons for the Nano project getting derailed according to him. The shifting of plant from West Bengal to Sanand in Gujarat led to a one and a half year delay in bringing the product to the road, which made a lot of initial excitement fizzle out.

The Marketing team at Tata Motors has been trying whatever is within its control to make the Nano move off the shelves, but not with much success. Attractive loans, an incredible four years warranty and an aggressive ad campaign being some of the leading measures. Apart from project delays, the incidents of the car catching fire spontaneously inflicted further injury to the brand. Tata Motors modified all the Nano cars for ‘additional safety’ without charging anything from the customers, but by that time, the preceding incidents had taken quite a bit of a toll.

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In its newest avatar, we assume, the Nano will be a bit more flamboyant and slightly more premium that its current barebone version. The Indian customer, as the carmakers from across the world have acknowledged, doesn’t want ‘cheap’ cars – he wants value for money. Apart from adding more features and premium feel to the car, a diesel motor should do the Nano a lot of good in its second innings. We wish and hope that this unique product from Tata Motors, which had the whole world raving about it at one point gets its due in its second coming.

We would also like to know from our dear readers, as to what changes according to them should Tata Motors makes to the Nano its second version to make it more appealing to the customers. Go ahead! Do let us know what you feel. The best comments will be featured in a separate article.

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  • Raghu says:

    shouldnt sound like an auto… need a good sounding car…

  • Sagar S says:

    The TATA NANO showcased at Auto Expo 2012 must be brought in as the facelifted version with electric power steering and openable hatch … This could be the VX variant …

    THE CNG as shown in the Auto Expo 2012 must be launched exactly as it is immediately in Jan 2013 … green and white dual colors … and green remaing common with the white changing to other colors which go with green …

    More the variants, more confidence in the Nano for the customers showing that the company is really serious about the Nano platform … delay in Diesel or even pertol variants has dented customer confidence …

    The NANO EUROPA must be launched ASAP in India to take on the Alto 800 Alto K10 Hundai i10 etc …

    900 cc 2 cylinder engine with 4 valves could do the job …