Tata Motors to triple the production of the Nano by march 2011


Tata Motors is all geared up with their production unit at Sanand to start rolling out the Nanos. The company is planning to triple the production of the car by March 2011. The Sanand plant has a maximum production capacity of 2,50,000 units per year, which will be achieved slowly. Currently the plant is producing 10,000 units, and Tata Motors is looking at being able to triple the number to meet the demand.
According to PTI, a Tata Motors vendor told them “At present, vendors are supplying components for an average of about 10,000 units of Nano a month. They have been told to scale it up by three times by March 2011.”

Tata Motors already have an order backlog of nearly 100,000 Nano cars. Needless to say, they wont be able to quench the demand by the current production capacity. Also, the company is planning to export the car to certain countries including Nepal – that would put even more pressure on the production line. In this scenario, it’s understandable if Tata is trying to plan in advance to meet the demand.  We just have one concern. Tata Motors are not particularly known for their quality, and with this high volume car, we just hope that the company doesn’t overlook that aspect in a bid to meet the demand. We wish them all the best!


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