Tata Motors Loses Two Top Dealers to Other Rivals

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Pune based B.U Bhandari Auto and Delhi based A-One, two of the top dealers who comprised a total of 5 to 6% of Tata Motors passenger car sales, have been lured away by rival companies who are offering them better margins. B.U Bhandari Auto, which become a Tata Motors dealer more than a decade ago, will now host products of German carmaker, Volkswagen and A-One will distribute and service cars from Honda, BMW and Rolls Royce. A slow pick-up in sales of Fiat Auto, whose vehicles are distributed in India by Tata Motors is also believed to be cause of the exits made by these two dealers. An official from Tata Motors, confirmed the exit of the two dealers but stated that, “This has nothing to do with their business or relationship with Tata Motors.”

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  • Prakash says:

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  • Shankar says:

    Maruti A Star has launched the Automatic variant at a competitive price. If at all, there is one autogear ar which I can get for below 5 lakh range it is A Star. Thanks Maruti 🙂

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  • Rohit Chawla says:


    Somewhere in the article it is mentioned that 'the Alto AT is a great product which will offer a fabulous option for those who are looking for the convenience of an automatic transmission in a contemporary and stylish, yet economical car.'

    Has the name changed to Alto for the new A Star Auto or there has been some typo here?