Tata Hexa 50,000 km Long Term Video Review


The Tata Hexa was introduced in our market at a time when the carmaker had just begun its transformative journey. Today, from where Tata Motors was, in terms of its repute as a carmaker and also on the sales chart, it has only been an upward climb. However, even now, there is a tiny amount of scepticism when it comes to the longevity of Tata’s vehicles. For that very reason, this long-termer Hexa we have with us is an important car. Because besides managing to impress us for how solid it still feels even after half a lakh kilometres on its odometer, it is living proof that Tata Motors has transformed and continues to do so.

The video above will back up our words, however, if you’d like to read, you’d be happy to know that there isn’t a single rattling component in this Hexa. All the electricals work as they should, the cabin still feels like it will hold solid for many more years, and those seats, well, they are one of the best out there. Proof? During a recent drive to Goa from Bombay, which took nearly 12 continuous hours due to road conditions (Avoid NH 66 like the plague), I got out of the seat without my body feeling any kind of fatigue. Not just me, the other two passengers echoed the same and they were as fresh as a daisy. Mind you, this was a continuous stint, with only a 30-minute stop in between for a cuppa.

Tata Hexa Automatic Fuel Efficiency

What also helped to keep me fresh was the smooth and pretty intelligent, 6-speed automatic, which moves up and down the box like butter. It isn’t the fastest, but smooth? Yes. What we also noticed during that drive is if you never let the engine spin above 2,000 rpm on the highway, the Hexa can and will return 15 kpl+! A surprising figure for an automatic. Don’t believe us? Check the picture above and just so you know, resetting the trip meter also resets the average fuel economy. So the Hexa returned that figure after a 700+km long journey.

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However, to achieve that, one has to shift the lever into Manual mode and upshift as quickly as possible. The transmission will only let you do that once the motor has crossed 1,800+ rpm, but the Varicor 400 motor has enough power even under that mark to let the Hexa cruise between 80 – 100 km/h. Drive it in auto mode without worrying about efficiency and it will return 7 – 9 km/l within the city and 12 – 13 km/l on the highway.

Tata Hexa Automatic Long Term Review Rear

What could’ve been better? There’s a 2019 version out already which carries many updates, including a better and more modern screen than the one that exists in this older example. However, the steering is on the heavier side which gives your wrists a good workout within the city, the adjusters for the AC vents keep falling apart on all Tata cars, and this isn’t the right vehicle if you wish to go corner hunting. There’s a lot more you would know if you take time out to watch the video. But then, if you are after an effortless, supremely comfortable highway cruiser which must have an automatic gearbox, a brawny diesel engine, fantastic suspension, seating for 6, and all that must be under INR 20 lakh, take a real good look at the Hexa.