Tastefully Modified Royal Enfield from Dochaki Designs

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Those who have been regular at Motoroids India would know that we’ve been featuring some really tastefully customized cars and bikes of late. Our recent move to pay more attention to the fast developing Indian car and bike modification industry has been highly appreciated by our readers and some of our friends out there have started sharing images and details of modified cars and bikes with us on a regular basis. Today, we’ve come up with some images and details of a tastefully modified Royal Enfield from Dochaki Designs, a Pune based bike customization group from Anupam Singh Parihar.  Dochaki Designs came into business in October  2013 and has already come up with some beautiful custom machines. For this post though, we’ll keep our focus on this modified Royal Enfield that you see in these images here. (Do you also have a custom bike/car? What are you waiting for? Send us the images and details at [email protected])

modified royal enfield images 3
modified royal enfield images 2
modified royal enfield images 1

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Here’s what Anupam has to tell us about the customized Royal Enfield you see here in these pics-  “The owner of this 1982 Royal Enfield wanted to  have a new identity for his bike yet keeping the feel of a bullet. So we kept the fuel tank and headlight assembly as it is but changed everything else which includes custom made front and rear fender, seats, swing arm to house 15 in alloy wheel. And custom paint job so that the bike have its own identity.”

Here are some more images of this modified bike from Dochaki Designs —

modified royal enfield images 6
modified royal enfield images 5
modified royal enfield images 4

So, what do you have to say about this modified Royal Enfield from Dochaki Designs? Do you think Anupan has been successful in bestowing this bull with an identity of its own? Do share your views by penning them down in the comments section below.

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