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There’s really no denying the fact that most bike fans out there still give preference to street bikes/superbikes over the retro-styled Cafe racers or Bobbers. True, the advent of bikes like the Royal Enfield Continental GT has given a considerable boost to the popularity of these bikes but still, truth remains that nothing seems to excite youth as much as a sportsbike or a sharply styled streetbike.

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What we have here with us on this page today are images of a modified Bajaj Pulsar 200 from Zars Customs & Design in Mumbai. ZARS have been modifying, or as they would like to call it, ‘re-modelling’ street bikes like Bajaj Pulsar, Suzuki Slingshot, etc. Zunbir Sharif, the owner of ZARS Customs & Design says,”Modifications and design changes on smaller cc motorcycles is real challenging since it has less weight and power abilities and further the length is smaller.” Zubair did his Diploma in Automobile Engineering and is quite experienced with bikes.

He goes on to say,“I have a workshop known as ZARS customs And designs for sports bikes and scooters. Due to certain occurrence of some events in my life I started with my childhood passion of designing. I started  with Pulsar 200 ,reason for selection for this bike was the scope for design changes on this bike is high and it has some power too.I hired some place in a local three wheeler workshop on rent and started working on my machine.It took three months for me to  complete, since  I had no prior experience in MODIFICATION.But I would rather call it as Redesign or Remodel.  I started with editing on existing image of Pulsar 200 on my cellphone with the help of a software known as sketchbook pro, it is easy and gives results.After showing the edited image to my friends and some approvals from them I started . It costed of modification approximately 70k with rents and other expenditures over the period.

The modified Bajaj Pulsar 200 here has a stock chassis and tank. And here’s all that’s not stock on this bike —

  • WP Suspension
  • New Design Alloy Wheels
  • Floating type seat
  • New Design Rear View Mirrors
  • Free Flow Exhaust
  • New Heaadlamps, along with many other new body panels
  • Rear Mono-shock
  • New Front Mudguard

. . . and much more. .

So, did you like this modified Bajaj Pulsar 200 we have featured here? Does not it give an all new look to a relatively old bike, mimicking which are now the latest gen Pulsar 180? Do share your views with us by penning them down in the comments section below.

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