Super rare Ferrari FXX Evoluzione up for sale

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Owning a custom built Ferrari is a dream for many. Ferrari recently built a F12 TRS one-off supercar for a customer. Now, we doubt if he will be willing to sell his car anytime soon. However, a very rare Ferrari FXX fitted with the optional Evoluzione package is up for grabs at Miller Motorcars.


The FXX program was started by Ferrari in 2005 as a race-spec evolution of the Enzo. Two years later, the car received an Evoluzione package which increased the output of the V12 6.2-liter from 788 bhp to 847 bhp. Only 30 units of the FXX were produced by Ferrari produced, out of which, only a few received the optional Evo kit, which back in the day, was priced at 300,000 USD.

The Evoluzione version also came with a different livery and an updated rear wing. The gearbox updates cut shifting times from 80 to 60 milliseconds. Ferrari also tweaked the suspension and brakes together with the traction control which came with nine user-selectable settings. The car seen here originally had a Rossa Corsa paint and was driven for only 322 km.


What’s shocking are the performance numbers of the Ferrari FXX Evoluzione. This is actually the fastest car Ferrari ever made, which could clock 100km/h from a stand still in 2.5 seconds and had a top speed of 250 mph (400 km/h) which it managed to reach in less than 40 seconds. The only other Ferrari that may fill the FXX Evo’s shoes is the next year’s rumored LaFerrari XX.

The website has not displayed a price of the FXX Evo but believe that it would cost a fortune to own this Ferrari.


Source: Miller Motor Cars via World Car Fans

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