Someone Imagined The Jawa 42 As A Scrambler And It Looks Mouth Wateringly Hot


It’s a strange phenomenon this. Motorcycle brand Jawa has only made a visual handshake with its nostalgic fans until now, but it already has people going crazy about it. It could also be because, like it used to be in the olden days, these three new retro bikes are truly the first genuine alternatives to the 350cc thump, in decades. Along with the homage to the original – The Jawa, two other bikes, the roadster-styled Jawa 42 and the Bobber-styled Perak were launched last month. However, some folks were expecting one of the bikes to be a scrambler.

Jawa 42 Scrambler

Such has been the hysteria surrounding Jawa’s return, a picture of a Cleveland Cyclewerks Ace Deluxe floating on the internet with its body panels under foam, made many keep their cash ready for a Scrambler before the official launch of the brand. But then, lose not heart. Because these motorcycles aren’t complex pieces of engineering and with their minimal bodywork, it’s easy to manipulate their appearance.

Jawa 42 Scrambler 2

So someone thought it is a good idea to use the digital canvas as a start. Borrowing bits from the Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle, this Jawa 42 appears beefier and rough road ready. Its long seat gets replaced with a floating unit and so do the twin rear shocks, with a single spring. And although just imagination, functionality still doesn’t take a back seat. So there’s a tall windscreen, knuckle guards, and the sump guard stays. The tail section is all Ducati, although we do like how the rear seat cover lends this digital creation a “job well done” appearance.

Jawa dealerships will open their doors to interested customers on the 15th of December, 2018. That is also when test rides are scheduled to begin. We will be riding the bikes during this week and bring you back a comprehensive review which we hope will answer all your questions. Credit for this digital transformation goes to Desi Geek on Youtube, do follow his channel if you like the content.

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