Smoked Garage Rolls Out Limited-edition Custom Kits For Royal Enfield Himalayan And Interceptor 650

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A few years back, Royal Enfield’s portfolio looked rather streamlined but that drastically changed with the Himalayan. The company was vigilant enough to ride on the popularity of the Himalayan and gave the world two beautiful twins – the Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650. These motorcycles made sure that RE is recognized in the International markets as a formidable player. Not only these motorcycles are immensely capable in their stock form, they are also adored by the customization houses.

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RE is quite popular in Indonesia and as luck has it, the country has a rad customization circle. The reason why we have seen so many customized bikes from Indonesia, which deserve a place on our bedroom wall.

Smoked Garage Himalayan custom

The case in consideration today is of Smoked Garage, an Indonesia-based custom house that is now offering limited edition custom kits for two Royal Enfield motorcycles – Interceptor 650 and Himalayan. As mentioned earlier, the custom kits will be available in limited numbers: 21 each.

Smoked Garage interceptor 650 custom (1)

According to Nicko Eigert, Founder of Smoked Garage, the theme behind the design originated from the desire to go out of the house, leave the TV screens behind, and get some fresh air; to rediscover the very essence of riding a motorcycle. He stated that the character of the Himalayan and Interceptor perfectly matches this theme, which is why he developed these custom kits for the two bikes.

Smoked Garage Interceptor 650 custom (2)

Royal Enfield Himalayan

This custom package was specially designed for the Royal Enfield Himalayan and Interceptor 650 under the names SG 21 OGHL and SG 21 OGIC, respectively. Talking about the custom Himalayan, while it may not look as radical as the Interceptor 650 featured here, it still looks meaner than the stock Himalayan. The unit is equipped with a set of knobby tires suitable for off-road use and a specially fitted high fender with exhaust pipes and bent ends, for added performance in the lower rev range.

Smoked Garage Himalayan custom (1)

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

The Interceptor 650 on the other hand, looks wild! The Scrambler approach is reflected in each and every element of this custom build. Stock tyres have made way for knobby units while one can clearly see the twin exhaust which are now housed in an upswept manner, hinting that this custom Interceptor 650 means business!

Smoked Garage Interceptor 650 custom

These custom kits will only be available on new motorcycle purchase through Royal Enfield, as special edition models. Each of these limited edition bikes will have a unique serial number, and will be mostly handcrafted.

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