Sherco TVS Rally Factory Team Deliver A Stellar Performance In Stage 4 Of The Rally Of Morocco 2018

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Sherco TVS began the Rally Of Morocco on the 4th of October and the four riders from their team have been doing their best stage after stage. The Pan Africa 2018 Winners now make their way to stage 4 of the Rally of Morocco where the racers have traversed a distance of over 300 kilometres with frequent dunes to overcome throughout the stage. The Spaniard Lorenzo Santolino showed exceptional performance and finished the stage at P8 while Abdul W. Tanveer managed to finish the stage at P1 and stands second in the overall Enduro Moto category. Adrien Metge and Harith Noah suffered an unfortunate crash.

Stage 4 at Rally Of Morocco

David Casteu, Team Manager, Sherco TVS Rally Factory Team says, “This season of Rally of Morocco proved to be very difficult for our racers, the terrain was full of tricky navigational challenges and had crucial dunes to cover. Although Lorenzo left the start line at the end, he rode his bike with extreme confidence and managed to finish the stage with a great timing. The team has high expectation from him and he is someone to watch for the rest of his career. Adrien had a crash, but fortunately, he has not injured himself severely. His bike needs some work, hopefully, he will be back tomorrow and finish the Rally on a good note.”

Stage 4 at Rally Of Morocco

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Commenting on the performance of the Indian racers David says, “ Tanveer has been a surprise for all of us; the team is counting on him for a podium finish. He has come a long way in terms of navigation and handling the bike and what makes him a good racer is that he utilizes his learning’s on the track. Harith has also put up a good fight at this stage but unfortunately, he met with a minor crash just before the finish line and he couldn’t complete the stage. The team have to do a lot of preparation work on the bikes before heading out for the ultimate test Dakar Rally.”  With that being said, the Team conducts maintenance and repairs as it needs to prepare for the next enduring stage.

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