Second Edition Of Toyota Hackathon For Road Safety To Be Held In Bangalore


In a country where 17 people die every hour and 46 children die on roads every day, over 10 lakh+ people have been killed in road accidents in India over the past decade. What should we do? How can an individual contribute his bit and reduce the rate or the intensity of road fatalities? Shouldn’t we try and come up with new ideas to combat such issues? How can a person fulfil all his duties as a responsible citizen? Road menace affects everybody, nobody is spared from that neither the driver nor the pedestrian. But the question arises as to how we can use the available resources and come up with effective solutions?

Toyota Hackathon 2019

The second edition of Toyota Hackathon- Code for Safer India is back to find solutions, this time, from the students of premier schools of Bangalore. This one of a kind hackathon aims at developing solutions to promote road safety and to reduce the frequency and effect of road accidents. It is a three-phased hackathon: the first phase being an aptitude test, the second being ideation phase in which the team has to submit the idea of the product and third being the onsite development of the product. The final phase of hackathon would be held at R.V College of Engineering, Bangalore on 25th and 26th November’2019.

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The Hackathon would not only provide a platform for the students to come forward with their coding talents but also would give a lot of exposure to the students. The hack is only a small part of the competition. The hackathon would help in building a network in the growing tech community and collaborating with some of the finest minds of the nation. It is going to be exciting and worthwhile while opening new doors for the students and giving them a chance to acquire new skills. Prizes for winners, coding master class, incubation support from Toyota and many other exciting rewards are in store for participants. The hack would be infused with sessions which would brush up the skills of the participants.


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