Scrappy Limousine for sale at nearly $10,00,000!

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It may not look like it, but the scrappy looking limousine snap above is actually a Mercedes. Now, make that two Mercedes Benz 300TD, plus a number of parts borrowed from over 40 different cars! Weld it all together and you get a Limousine which can be yours at a modest price of $950,000!
The alien looking vehicle is the work of art of a guy named Antti Rakho, who believe it or not spent 10 long years building this contraption which can seat 10 people and garnished it with 86 lights and 36 mirrors. With that much visibility you won’t be able to crash the car even if extra terrestrial species landed on the bonnet and did a YMCA routine.
 What’s even more mind numbingly shocking is that the Limo won the title of the ‘Best Art Car’ at the Houstan Art Car event twice in 2007 and 2009!!!
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