SCOOP: Mahindra Mojo to have 31.2 bhp, production ready version spotted in Delhi – Is this it? (Updated)


Update: Motoroids followers Prasannajit Patra and Rakshith Gowda updated us with some more spy images of the upcoming Mahindra Mojo.

NEW Mahindra Mojo Spy Images - Prasannajit Patra - 2

NEW Mahindra Mojo Spy Images - Prasannajit Patra - 1

The above two images were reportedly snapped in Bhubaneswar

NEW Mahindra Mojo Spy Images - Rakshith Gowda - 1

As we reported earlier, the production ready model will receive Mojo branding on the fuel tank

New Mahindra Mojo Spy Images (2)

Just when the Mahindra Mojo was about to fade away in our memories, some new spy images of the motorcycle popped out of nowhere in our inbox to incite a bit more pain. Now we wouldn’t have reported this new set of spy images if it weren’t for the changes we observed on the kit, or some really tasty piece of information about its power output that revealed itself. The Mahindra Mojo had earlier been spotted with no camouflage and all the showroom-ready graphics in Pune. This time around, Motoroids reader and follower Ajay Singh Rawat has sent us some more snaps of the motorcycle from Delhi. But what’s interesting is the new piece of information Rawat got from the test rider. The test rider told Rawat that the Mahindra Mojo will be tuned to deliver 31.2 bhp of power. That’s pretty decent for a 295cc, single cylinder, liquid cooled engine. Rawat also suggested that the “dual exhaust looks nice but sounds average in low revs”.

Production-Ready-Mahindra-Mojo-Compared - 3

New graphics on the tank

Moreover, there are a few visual updates on the motorcycle snapped in Delhi as compared to the motorcycle that was spotted in Pune. Visually, Mahindra has updated the badges on the tank and, instead of stickers, has used more premium 3D logo. New images reveal that a Mahindra logo sits on the side of the tank, while the Mojo brand has been stuck on the top of the tank.

Production-Ready-Mahindra-Mojo-Compared - 1

Mahindra branding on the engine

So is this the final avatar in which we would see the new Mahindra Mojo? What makes us believe that this is the ONE, the final production motorcycle, is the engine. While the earlier spied unit (see image compared above) did not have Mahindra branding on the engine, this one does. The engine also has been painted in black. These new images also captures the engine undercowl, a part that was missing on the earlier spy image. Instead of the grey coloured unit that was seen previously, this model receives a black handlebar. The motorcycles photographed in Delhi also has re-positioned and slightly extended pillion grab rails. The earlier unit seemed a little short but Mahindra seems to have taken care of that (see image compared below).

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Production-Ready-Mahindra-Mojo-Compared - 2

Re-positioned and slightly extended pillion grab rails

It has been long enough since Mahindra first showcased the Mojo and we really cannot wait any longer to see this motorcycle in the market. These new set of spy images have raised our hopes once again and we really hope this long awaited motorcycle hits the showroom in the next couple of months.

31.2 bhp of power sound good. Does that change your perception about this motorcycle? What should be the correct price for it? We are sure you have a thousand interesting views about this elusive machine. Do share all of them with us.

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  • pradeep says:

    another comment is that the radiator cowl seems like its sticking out. In tight parking spots, another motorcycle might rip it out.

  • pradeep says:

    one suggestion which i can give to Mahindra is to shift the front disc brake to the same side as the master reservoir, so that it becomes easy for a single person to perform the brake-bleed. Another suggestion is to install an integrated helmet lock and hooks to tie bungee cords and luggage, since everyone who will buy this will go touring on it.

  • sreedhar says:

    Honda, Hero, tvs companies provides warranty of 5 years for there engine with minimum testing. where as Mahindra proudly can announce that 10 years of warranty on there engine as they have already tested more than 5 + years .

    I hope we soon can expect long term user review on mojo by testers who is testing it.

  • abhishek says:

    I have seen one in my office and I must say that the bike seat is a little short for a 300 cc tourer .