Mahindra Mojo caught testing yet again! Is there a micro thermonuclear plant powering it?


Mahindra Mojo Spied Again (1)

If you are reading this article, you are indeed a true Mahindra Mojo fan! The upcoming flagship motorcycle from Mahindra Two Wheelers is undergoing some rigorous testing (too much of it, actually) as the company is still inspecting the product in real life riding conditions before introducing it to the market. We sure hope they are developing one helluva motorcycle that would hopefully establish it as a powerful, reliable machine. Or, probably they have put a thermonuclear plant inside that little engine, which is going to change the way the world commutes forever, and requires a couple of years’ worth extra testing for obvious reasons. If it’s not that, we’re honestly frustrated.

It all started back in 2010 when Mahindra first revealed the Mojo at the Delhi Auto expo. We expected Mahindra Two Wheelers to introduce this model soon after the motoring show but we have never (never, ever!) been so wrong in our entire lives. It’s been over half a decade since the Mahindra Mojo broke cover but the two-wheeler arm of Mahindra and Mahindra is still busy with the test runs on the motorcycle. The hopes to see the Mojo in showroom rose when Mahindra showcased this product once again at the 2014 Auto Expo in Delhi but all we got to see post the event were more spy images of the motorcycle. We have never, ever witnessed a single motorcycle or scooter in India having been spied so many times.

Mahindra Mojo Spied Again (3)

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So what is causing the delay? Here are some humorous possibilities that are delaying the Mahindra Mojo from reaching the market:

  • The Mahindra Mojo is powered by Unobtainium but the Na’vi people from Pandora are just not ready to share their valuable mineral.
  • Probably they want to hire Aamir Khan once again as brand ambassador, and don’t want to disappoint him like they did with the  half-baked Stallion.
  • Mahindra Two-Wheelers are under threat from aliens to not launch a motorcycle which looks like them.
  • The Mojo 300 is just a decoy to fool other manufacturers into delaying their own 300cc product, while Mahindra secretly works on a Moto3 technology laden 1000 cc supersport which makes the HP4 look like a meek mouse
  • Maybe they thought the world would end in 2012 and hence they did not bother to complete the motorcycle.

mahindra-mojo-300-launch-images- (3)

On a serious note, we hope that Mahindra Two-wheelers do not delay the launch of this product any further and bring out this once highly anticipated motorcycle as soon as possible. The competition is high and with more products being introduced in the segment, Mahindra has an uphill road ahead to make its presence felt among the highly successful KTMs and Bajajs of the world.

We will keep supplying you the test images of the motorcycle as long as we keep getting them. But while Mahindra continues testing, may we request our witty readers to come up with some humorous reasons of their own about what may be causing the delay? Share your one liners in the comments section below.

Spy Images Courtesy: Atharv Khambekar

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  • Deep says:

    well written…
    i was in tears laughing , reading the probable reasons for the delay.
    may be the developer is locked in the TRON world 😉

  • gv says:

    The M&M are perfecting their test rider’s analysis skills..
    Also may be utilizing the bench strength (like an ITES company)..

  • tnt says:

    Ok I have some inside information…the Mojo is not for public sale, it is for staff use only. The high-performers (selected every month) within Mahindra are given a chance to take a ride on this and that’s when people click snaps.

  • mithun says:

    they are building a spaceship

  • truth says:

    They want to stock up the spare parts before shipping this motorcycle! Most customers complaint of spare unavailability after launch! They are known for breakdown within first 1000k