Sachin Tendulkar Is Searching For A Very Special Car And Needs Your Help Finding It

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There’s one thing which is very common in automobile enthusiasts, we share a special bond with our first motorcycle or car. The connection is unmatched and it doesn’t fade away even after we get our hands on more powerful and exotic machines later in our lives. And it isn’t the case with normal humans like us, even Gods agree to it. In this case, it’s Sachin Tendulkar, the God of Cricket.

The story behind Sachin’s Maruti 800 and his love for cars

He might have retired from the field now, but his legendary tales will live on forever. Apart from demolishing all the records on the batting pitch and creating new ones, the legendary Cricketer is also famous for his love for cars.

Sachin Tendulkar Maruti 800

Former Indian cricketer and legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar recently became a little candid talking on a special episode of Mudit Dani’s show ‘In the Spotlight’. The Master Blaster revealed that he still feels emotionally connected to his first car which he bought from his own money after becoming a professional cricketer. There are no brownie points for guessing which car he is talking about because back in the day, the Maruti 800 was the go-to choice for people who wanted to get their first car.

He revealed that he doesn’t have his first car with him anymore and would like to appeal to those who bought it to get in touch. The former cricketer is very keen to have the car back for sentimental reasons. “My first car was a Maruti 800. Unfortunately, it is not with me right now. I would love to have it back again with me. So, people listening to me, feel free to contact and get in touch,” Sachin said on the show.

Sachin Tendulkar Maruti 800 (1)

Sachin’s collection of cars has always been in the news. His passion for cars began at an early age from the balcony of his house in Bandra from where he used to spot exotic cars for hours with his brother. “There was a massive open drive-in movie hall near my house where people used to park their cars and watch the movie, sitting in it. So I, along with my brother, used to stand in our balcony for hours to watch those cars,” the legendary cricketer said.

The Maruti Suzuki 800 has always had a special place in every Indian’s heart. In the early 90s, almost every family in this country dreamt of owning one as their first car. This led to its massive popularity and impressive sales figures which helped it sustain the tough Indian market for three decades.

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It was the first front-wheel-drive vehicle to be launched in India and became synonymous as the ‘people’s car’ due to its affordability. Based on the Sipani manufactured Dolphin car, the 800 was best known for its compact size, everyday utility, affordability and most importantly reliability. In 1983, the first Maruti ever rolled out of the company’s Gurgaon-based manufacturing facility and it was the 800 which later went on to become an absolute hit among the Indian masses. It was targeted towards the common man and existed in the era of Hindustan Ambassador and Fiat Padmini.

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