RTO To Suspend The Registration Certificate Of Bikes With Modified Silencers

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We’ve seen many motorcycles being seized for illegal modifications, especially to the exhaust. Recently, a Royal Enfield owner was arrested in Gurugram for using a loud exhaust. We even saw Traffic Cops in Bangalore taking severe measures, like crushing illegal, loud exhaust pipes by a Bulldozer to send a strong message. In recent updates, Kerala RTO has announced that it will suspend the registration certificate (RC) of two-wheelers with illegal modified silencers. The Traffic Police department will launch the campaign against two-wheelers with modified silencers on June 1.

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Kerela Cops Crack Down And Destroy Illegal Exhausts On – Via FBMotorcycles (1)

Speaking to Times News Network, Deputy transport commissioner M P Ajithkumar said, “There are over 1,000 bikes in Ernakulam that are operating with modified silencers. We had just been fining them but as part of the special initiative of the MVD, which aims at tackling noise pollution this year, we will now be suspending their RC under the provision of section 53 of the Motor Vehicles Act. The owner will not be allowed to ride the vehicle during the period of the suspension.”

Royal Enfield silencer

However, it is not a permanent suspension of the RC. Ajithkumar further added that the RC will be suspended for a minimum of three months and the certification will be reinstated after the illegal silencer has been replaced.

Honda Z50 Yoshimura exhaust

We hope that the initiative, unlike the Bangalore Traffic Police’s ban on non-ISI helmets, is properly implemented after a full research about the illegal and branded exhausts that are sold in the Indian market.

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Source: ET Auto

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