Indian OMCs Start Retailing BS VI Diesel In Delhi

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Indian OMCs have started retailing BS VI diesel in Delhi, a first in the country. The roll out of BS VI (Indian equivalent of Euro 6) was initially planned in 2024 but due to the pressing pollution problem of the capital, it was advanced to current year. In a recent directive, Supreme court of India has expressed the need of implementing the usage of BS VI in all 13 metros of India by April 2019.

BS VI emission norms compliant diesel releases lesser harmful gases and particulate matter as compared to the conventional diesel (BS IV). Introduced only recently in India after a court directive, a much cleaner and efficient diesel is already strengthening its foundation in India. A homegrown company, My Eco Energy has designed a alternative to diesel, Indizel, which is claimed to be much better than conventional fossil diesel, in quality, performance, economy and emissions.

New 2017 Audi Q3 facelift India diesel engine

Indizel, a bio-automotive diesel fuel, designed and engineered to outperform conventional diesel, is India’s first EURO 6 emission compliant fuel. Being a biofuel, it is a completely renewable source of energy, has the lowest Sulphur, NOx emissions and outperforms BS VI diesel in performance, economy, quality and maintenance.

The benefits of the new BS VI diesel are:

  • Due to its higher cetane number than diesel, Indizel’s combustion is better, resulting into 25% better torque and horsepower, enabling engine to achieve its optimum capacity.
  • As diesel is burnt better, there is better fuel recovery and lesser particulate residue making it highly economical and less polluting at the same time.
  • Its reverse compatible and can be used in any proportion and does not need any engine modifications.
  • Being a bio-automotive diesel, Indizel is renewable, reducing the massive dependency on fossil fuels. It is completely carbon negative.
  • As it’s a bio fuel, Indizel comes under the purview of GST, making it INR 7 to 8 cheaper than a regular diesel for GST registered customers.
  • To further enhance the consumer’s convenience, Indizel has created a unique fuelling opportunity too– Available on Demand (AOD).

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