Royal Enfield Rider Arrested in Gurugram For Using Loud Modified Exhaust

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In one of the first of its kind cases in the region of Gurugram (formerly known as Gurgaon), a Royal Enfield rider was arrested and his motorcycle seized by the police officials as it’s silencer was modified to make a ‘Pathaka’ sound. Reports reveal that the bike was intercepted at Sohna road following which an FIR was lodged under section 160 of the IPC.

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All three of the youths on the motorcycle were released on bail later although the bike is still in possession of the police and will be released only after court orders. The ‘Pathaka’ sound on the motorcycle is usually made in order to attract attention of the passerbys although it creates disturbance and noise pollution.

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The said modification is done by replacing the stock exhaust with an aftermarket unit, a loud pipe, which has fewer filters as compared to the stock unit, which helps keep the noise level in control. Not only are these modified exhausts illegal, but they also prove to be harmful for the engine and could result in a reduced life for the motorcycle.

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With the first such case registered in the city, police officials aim to send a message to people who illegally modify their motorcycles for such purposes as well as to those owners who use their bikes for stunts. Currently, the police claim that they lack the technical knowledge for the modification and hence it proves difficult to prove the offence. Now, these police officials will be taking help from mechanics in order to understand the mechanism behind these modifications.

Source: Times of India

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