Royal Enfield Pegasus Owners Win the Battle, Dealers Offer Compensation

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The Royal Enfield Pegasus controversy has now supposedly come to an end, Royal Enfield dealers have started calling in owners of the limited edition bike to offer compensation in three forms. The first option is offering a complete buyback of the vehicle, which will be sold to a new customer by the dealer and kept on display in their showrooms. The second compensation comes in the form of free one-year insurance and two free services, which would save some serious amount of money for the existing customers. The third option given by dealers is a replacement bike, customers can choose from the Stealth Black 500 ABS or Desert Storm 500 ABS.

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Mr Anuj Singh, a Pegasus owner from Noida, revealed that owners from the cities of Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Chennai, Bangaluru and Jaipur have been called by their respective dealers to offer this compensation. He also stated that he has not received such a call yet however, other dealers are expected to contact other customers in the coming days. Not only did Royal Enfield cheat customers by launching the Classic 350 Signals ABS with a similar design and at a much cheaper price, but the company also did not provide Indian Pegasus owners with ABS even when the same model gets ABS in the international market.

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However, it must be noted, all these actions are taken by the dealers itself, Royal Enfield is not involved in this compensation scheme, to keep their name clean. The Pegasus was made as a limited edition model, based on the Classic 500, and only 1000 units were produced. Out of 1000 units, 250 units were reserved for the Indian market, which could have been booked online and all the allocations were booked in a matter of 178 seconds. What are your thoughts on this controversy? Do you think Royal Enfield is doing the right step? Are the customers right to stand against the company? Do comment below and here is a video uploaded by Mr Anuj Singh who is expressing his displeasure against the company.


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