Royal Enfield One Ride: The RE Day of the Year for fans

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Starting this year, Royal Enfield will be celebrating the first Sunday of every April as the ONE RIDE day, or the Royal Enfield day, where the company will be encouraging RE owners and fans to take to the roads on their REs. The tagline for the event reads – one thought, one feeling, one love for the Royal Enfield. It’s quite an innovative idea put in being by the Chennai based bike manufacturer, to bring together its customers and fans from across the world on a day dedicated to the brand.

So if you are an RE fan, you can join the celebrations by taking to the road on your loved RE. In this inaugural year, the day would fall on the 3rd of April. RE also encourages you to share your ride story wih them at the end of the day. You can visit the official RE website for more information and an upload form for your story. RE would prefer you starting the ride from an official RE showroom or service station.

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