Car Audio Systems May Cost More

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When you buy a new car the next thing you are excited to do is pimp it with an amazing audio system that matches your taste. Today we live in the age of LCD and Blu Ray, gone are the days when “Kenwood” was t-h-e thing to have in your car. It goes without saying that a majority of new cars that roll out from showrooms go for an aftermarket audio system purchase. However, the sad news is that the price of car audio components may be on the rise. The reason for this is that there is a sudden price rise for rare earth metals like aluminium and copper which are some of the prime raw materials used for the production of these audio components which in turn has increased the cost of production by 6 %– 8%. Rockford Fosgate and JL Audio which are regarded as the elite brands for car audio have already increased their prices by March 1

The next time you plan to set up an audio system for your car you might have to shell out more cash than before. Tell us what audio systems do you have in your ride?


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