Revealed: 2015 Suzuki GSR250F

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2015 Suzuki GSR250F

The name Suzuki Inazuma might put off a lot of people, but in reality it indeed is a good motorcycle which somehow didn’t click with the enthusiasts. To some extent its styling and on a larger scale- the pricing of the 248cc parallel twin shooed buyers away. Even a price cut of a shocking one lac didn’t find much takers in the Indian market for the sweet sounding Suzuki. Motorcycle styling as said grows on you with time- hence if one has to look beyond the Inazuma’s somewhat dated styling- it indeed is a gem of a motorcycle. Read OUR TAKE on the Inazuma here and why we feel that a capable machine hit the ditch.

Nonetheless, Suzuki has now launched a full faired variant of the Suzuki Inazuma in Japan under the 2015 Suzuki GSR250F moniker. The original Inazuma already was a decent touring tool and now with a full faired attire adds better wind protection to the rider. Though styling wise, it isn’t going to change anyone’s existing perception on the motorcycle and it would still end up putting off a lot of people. We’re expecting a bunch of brickbats heading towards this post.

On the specifications chart, the 2015 Suzuki GSR250F is no different to its naked sibling. The 248cc parallel twin cranks out a decent 25.9 bhp of max power with peak torque 24.4 nm. The extra plastic bits has raised the weight of the motorcycle taking it to 189 kgs against the Inazuma’s 183 kgs.

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