Ralliart shuts down operations!

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In a letter issued to its customers, Ralliart has announced that it is now shutting shop for good. Being the Japanese tuning arm for Mitsubishi, Ralliart is known for its high performance aftermarket products, which find applications in not just Mitsubishi cars but a lot of other Japanese tuner cars as well. The shutting down of this performance marquee comes as blow to many, but Ralliart is blaming the dying demand for aftermarket performance components in JDM as well as other markets.

Mitsubishi however has confirmed has confirmed that shutting down of the Ralliart franchise will not have any effect on the ‘Ralliart’ badged models it has e.g. Lancer Evo X, Sportback, Colt etc. The Japanese giant still holds the ownership of the ‘Ralliart’ brand name, logo etc. So while our friends outside India can still buy the souped up versions of the Mitsubishis, we are destined to be stuck with the age old Lancers and have absolutely no access to Ralliart products anymore – unless of course some dealer has some old stock lying around, or is smart enough to fool you into buying some cheap replicas…

Source: Autoblog

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