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the new Megane 250

Meet the new Megane 250. The upcoming successor to what is arguably the best hot hatch in the world, the MeganeR26R. It is certainly no looker but hey, the R26R was known for its looks either. It was the sheer might of its brilliant chassis and perfectly executed front limited slip differential that made it magical. It beat a Caterham around Fifth Gear’s race-track. Take a minute to put that into perspective. What more could you ask for. But recently newer rivals like the Golf GTi and Ford’s 300bhp Focus RS had caught up with it and everyone was waiting with bated breath for a new ‘hot’ Megane.

the new Megane 250 Interior

Well, the wait is finally over, lo and behold the Megane 250 that will be hitting the showroom floor next month (in the UK i.e.). It will be powered by 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder, with 247bhp at 5500rpm and 340Nm at 3000rpm. It is capable of ballistic performance with 100 kph coming up in 6.1 sec and immense apex hunting capabilities akin to its predecessor. It will come with Renault’s Dynamic Management System that controls the ESP with 5 settings to chose from – linear, normal, snow, sport and extreme, just like the ‘Mannetino switch’ in the Ferraris. It will be available in two versions, the ‘Sport’ and a more hardcore ‘Cup’. The Cup will retail for £21,995 (16.49 lakh, exclusive of taxes and will feature a 15% stiffer chassis, a limited-slip diff, stiffer springs, grooved brake discs and Michelin Pilot Sport tyres on slim black alloys. The Sport will retail for £22,995 (17.24 lakh, exclusive of taxes), come with equipment such as leather, an electric driver’s seat and automatic lights and wipers. However, even the sport can be bought with a ‘Cup’ pack, perfect for everyday use.

We like Hot Meganes

Hot Meganes

This car is fantastic value for the performance on offer but sadly there isn’t even a bleak possibility of the Megane 250 landing up on our shores in the foreseeable future. But doesn’t hurt to dream, does it? Who knows what windfall might await us?

Mihir Gadre


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